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    Final Conference PrimeEnergyIT - Energy and cost efficiency in data centres - New trends, strategies and tools

    September 13, 2012, Berlin

    The international conference provides a platform for IT hardware and infrastructure and procurement managers, consultants, and other IT experts to discuss the latest developments, chances and challenges concerning energy efficient data centres. There will be speeches on best practice examples as well as a critical reflection on current activities in the area of Green IT within a panel discussion.

    Download documents

    Local Renewables Freiburg 2012

    25 - 26 October 2012, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

    The fifths edition of the Local Renewables Conference mainly focuses on innovative smart grid solutions and the use of it in a local/regional context. The cooperation between cities, towns and municipalities is also a topic at this year's meeting. Additionally, the conference serves as a platform for networking and establishing regional cooperations in order to become a carbon-neutral/ renewable city. Local and regional decision makers, EU representatives, technical experts as well as researchers and the interested public are invited to attend.

    Please register since places are limited.

    More information, agenda and registration (source):

    PrimeEnergyIT Training Sessions in France

    29. May to 13. June; 17. to 26. September 2012

    As a member of the PrimeEnergyIT consortium Bio Intelligence Service (BIOS) is inviting IT managers and consultants, engineers and other relevant experts working in the field to attend to its training sessions in France. The training sessions are based on the educational material developed in the course of PrimeEnergyIT which is composed of seven different modules:

    • M1: Introduction
    • M2: Monitoring
    • M3: Server-Equipment
    • M4: Data Storage-Equipment
    • M5: Network-Equipment
    • M6: Cooling
    • M7: Free Cooling

    The training sessions are devided into three courses:

    • Course 1 (complete): Modules 1 to 7 (three days)
    • Course 2 (IT):            Modules 1 to 5 (1,5 days)
    • Course 3 (cooling):    Modules 1, 2, 6, 7 (1,5 days)



    Session 1

    Session 2

    Course 1

    29 - 31 May 2012

    17 - 19 September 2012

    Course 2

    11 - 12 June 2012

    24 - 25 September 2012

    Course 3

    12 - 13 June 2012

    25 - 26 September 2012

    The first training session will take place at BIO Intelligence Service, 20-22 Villa Deshayes, 75014 Paris.

    Participants are pleased to register since places are limited. Participation fee is at € 250,- plus VAT.

    More information and registration (in french, source):

    EcoProcura 2012: New opportunities to deliver sustainable procurement and innovation

    19 - 21 September 2012, Malmö, Sweden

    The enormous potential of public procurement is continuously gaining recognition as a new policy tool to support the shift towards a resource-efficient and socially responsible society. EcoProcura 2012 will look at the arguments surrounding this discussion and examine solutions that work in economically challenging times.

    With legislation in the pipeline and numerous policies at the European and national level, understanding the changes and ensuring sustainable public procurement (SPP) and Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) is implemented correctly can be challenging. EcoProcura 2012 will draw attention of participants to the latest legislation, strategies, guidance and practical solutions. The conference engages procurers, suppliers and service providers on how they can effectively collaborate and build sustainability across the entire supply chain.

    An interactive format

    An interactive conference programme will ensure that ideas, experiences, guidelines and opinions are shared throughout the three days

    • Plenaries will encourage dialogue between speakers and participants on legislation and strategies;
    • Break-out sessions will focus on specific topics such as public procurement of innovation and life cycle costing;
    • The Market Lounge will delve into the latest tools, good practice and research to improve SPP practices;
    • Opportunities for exchange and network will be granted at the social events in the evenings;
    • Site visits will showcase sustainable hot spots in Malmö and the impact of procurement on the ground.

    Online registration for the conference is now open! We invite you to register on our website as soon as possible.

    Call for Contributions: Share your experiences with other procurers!

    The EcoProcura 2012 Call for Contributions is now open. We are looking for people to present their ideas and experiences in the field of SPP and PPI in the Market Lounge of the conference.

    The EcoProcura Market Lounge allows for procurement practitioners, legal experts, businesses and policy makers to showcase their work and allow groups to have in-depth discussion.

    Submit your proposals by downloading the Call for Contributions, available on our website, and sending the completed form to: ecoprocura2012@iclei.org by 27 April 2012.

    Explore sustainability in Malmö

    On Friday afternoon Malmö offers site visits to explore sustainable public procurement in practice. Use the opportunity to learn about sustainable food, the upcoming business district Hyllie and the award winning sustainable Western Harbour district.

    In conjunction with EcoProcura 2012, the City of Malmö organises a Sustainable Weekend on 22-23 September informing its citizens on sustainable living. Green roofs, waste disposal and renewable energy sources are just a few examples to be addressed in study tours. EcoProcura participants are welcome to join these events.

    ASHRAE's Energy Efficiency in Data Centers Seminar

    March 28th 2012, Milan, Italy

    ASHRAE is inviting for its seminar "Energy Efficiency in Date Centers". The seminar informs about best practices in terms of thermal guidelines for data processing, datacom facility energy efficiency and high density data centers in operation. The key topics are:

    • IT efficiency opportunities and interaction with building systems
    • Coolings services/systems
    • Cooling equipment
    • Electrical services/systems
    • Master planning

    More information and registration: http://xp20.ashrae.org/MCE.html

    European Seminar for public ICT procurement

    26. - 27. March 2012, Berlin

    The seminar focusses on the procedure of public ICT procurement and helps the participants to become familiar with aspects like structuring procurement procedures, ensuring cost efficiency, applying instruments to optimise ICT tendering, mitigating key risks, preparing for tendering e-procurement and cloud computing solutions and gaining knowledge on EU and national regulation.

    The seminar is carried out by the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law in cooperation with the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) and aims at public administrations dealing with ICT procurement, providers of ICT solutions for the public sector and lawyers and consultants in the field of public procurement.

    More Information (source):

    Final Conference PrimeEnergyIT - Data centres and server rooms going green

    September 13, 2012, Berlin

    On the final conference of the EU funded project "PrimeEnergyIT" experts will discuss matters of energy efficient ICT systems, energy-efficient procurement, life-cycle analysis of ICT systems as well as about the improvement of energy performance.

    For more information please visit

    Electronics Goes Green 2012 - Call for Papers

    September 9 - 12, 2012, Berlin

    The registration process is now online and available at http://www.egg2012.de/submissions.html. Abstracs can be submitted following the online registration procedure by February 15, 2012. The actual conference registration will follow at a later stage, once the abstracs have been reviewed. Results are expected by 9 April 2012.

    Please see the call for papers on the conference website www.egg2012.de for more information.

    Third International Green Computing Conference (IGCC'12)

    June 5-8, 2012 in San Jose, California, USA

    IGCC'12 will provide a forum for presenting and discussing innovative research on a broad range of topics in the fields of sustainable and energy-efficient computing, and computing for a more sustainable planet. The conference will hold a technical program, panels, workshops, and tutorials on these topics. IGCC'12 will be technically co-sponsored by the IEEE. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Sustainable Computing
    * Power-aware algorithms and protocols
    * Power-aware software and hardware
    * Low-power electronics and systems
    * Application-specific ASICs and FPGAs
    * Sensing and monitoring
    * Characterization, metrics, and modeling
    * Reliability, thermal behavior and control
    * Power-efficient delivery and cooling
    * Life-cycle analysis of IT equipment

    Computing for Sustainability
    * Renewable energy models and prediction
    * Matching energy supply and demand
    * Smart grid and microgrids
    * Smart transportation and manufacturing
    * Smart buildings and urban development
    * Energy harvesting, storage, and recycling
    * Climate and ecosystem monitoring
    * Using IT to reduce carbon emissions
    * Carbon metering and user feedback

    IGCC'12 welcomes submissions that have not been published and that are not under review by another conference or journal. All submissions will be evaluated on their originality, technical soundness, significance, presentation, and interest to the conference attendees. Submissions must not exceed 10 letter-size pages using the IEEE format for conference proceedings. Papers must be received by the submission deadline to be considered for presentation.

    Best paper award and journal publication
    The Technical Committee will select the best paper as well as several papers to be extended and considered by the Journal on Sustainable Computing.

    Workshops and tutorials
    Proposals are solicited for workshops and tutorials to be held in conjunction with the conference. Proposals should be submitted to the Workshops and Tutorials Chairs. Additional details are available at http://www.green-conf.org.

    Important dates
    Abstract submission: January 13, 2012
    Paper submission: January 20, 2012
    Notifications sent to authors: April 4, 2012
    Camera-ready papers due: May 1, 2012

    For more information please visit http://www.green-conf.org/ (source).

    Server Design Summit

    November 29 2011, Santa Clara, USA

    Server Design Summit is the only event focused entirely on the $40 billion server market. And it is the first event to deal with “Bringing Servers into the Cloud Computing Era”.

    It will cover such key emerging topics as virtualization and consolidation, cloud computing, green design and energy saving methods, solid state drives, open specifications and standards, blade and appliance servers, high-performance servers, power and cooling, and low-latency and high-availability applications.

    The Server Design Summit focuses on the design of next-generation servers ranging from simple blades to powerful high-end systems. Servers have the primary function of managing data transfers rather than actual computing. They generally operate in large racks in data centers. Problems include load balancing, power dissipation, consolidation, and expansion. Current issues include designing for virtualization and cloud computing, reducing power consumption, managing large numbers of servers (server farms), increasing throughput and performance, and bundling of servers, interfaces, and software into unified architectures. Other issues include the use of advanced interfaces and storage devices such as 10/40/100GbE, InfiniBand, NAS, SAN, and solid state drives.

    Why Should YOU Attend the Server Design Summit

    • reduce server costs
    • save space in data centers
    • reduce server power consumption
    • allow for easier expansion of centers
    • simplify maintenance
    • reduce storage costs
    • solve cooling problems in data centers
    • consolidate servers
    • consolidate data centers
    • automate server management
    • reduce administrative overhead
    • identify interoperability issues
    • learn about server standards


    The Server Design Summit program will provide attendees with practical information on the current state of servers and their hardware, software, applications, management, and operation. It consists of three full-day workshops:

    • Energy-Efficient Servers and Datacenters
    • Increasing Server Performance
    • Servers for Cloud Computing

    Intended Audience:

    • CIO
    • IT/IS Manager
    • Network Engineer
    • Computer Manager
    • CTO
    • Network Manager
    • Storage Engineer
    • Network Administrator
    • Telecom Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Communications Specialist
    • Server Manager

    Summit Hours





    Tuesday, November 29th



    Noon–2:00pm & 5:00–7:00pm

    Wednesday, November 30th




    Summit Pricing

    Online Registration until 11/23/11

    On-site Registration

    Full Conference (Two-Day)

    Best Value

    Includes access to all reserved and open sessions; roundtable sessions; panel discussions; exhibits; luncheons; receptions; refreshment breaks; online conference proceedings; and handouts.



    One-Day Conference

    Includes access for one day (Tuesday or Wednesday) to all reserved and open sessions; roundtable sessions; panel discussions; exhibits; luncheons; receptions; refreshment breaks; online conference proceedings; and handouts.



    Press Analyst (credentialed)

    no charge

    no charge

    National Datacenter Experience in the Netherlands

    November 29 2011

    Op 29 november 2011 zal het toonaangevende congres in de Datacenter wereld plaatsvinden. Tijdens de National Datacenter Experience zullen alle trends en ontwikkelingen aan bod komen en is het tegelijkertijd dé jaarlijkse ontmoetings-, informatie- en netwerkdag voor alle belanghebbenden inzake datacenters.

    Datacenters moeten zich blijven ontwikkelen. Betere kwaliteit, flexibiliteit en innovatieve oplossingen worden steeds belangrijker voor de klant. Nieuwe technologieën zijn hierdoor onontkoombaar en daarbij is energiemanagement ook nog een belangrijk ‘maatschappelijk’ onderdeel.Middels het zeer praktijkgerichte programma krijgt u een beeld van de mogelijkheden, ervaringen, voordelen, valkuilen en de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van Datacenters. Het congresprogramma zal bestaan uit plenaire lezingen en parallellezingen. Deze worden ingevuld door onafhankelijke sprekers, eindgebruikers met een praktijkcase en hoogwaardige business cases/best practices. Eventueel zullen ook 1 of 2 workshops of live demo’s tijdens het congresprogramma plaatsvinden. Tijdens de dag zullen er vijf thema’s centraal staan:- Groene Datacenters- Innovaties- Energiemanagement- Klimaatbeheersing- Security

    Virtualization Conference 2011

    November 17 2011, Milano

    La Virtualization Conference è una conferenza tecnica di due giorni dedicata alle tecnologie di virtualizzazione Microsoft, sia Server che Desktop

    Si tratta di una Full Immersion di approfondimenti tecnologici ed esempi pratici, due giorni di formazione e di acquisizione di esperienze e Best Practice. Senza interferenze di marketing.

    Per integrare un'infrastruttura esistente (VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V) con altre tecnologie Microsoft, questo è l'evento giusto!

    Durante la conferenza verranno spiegati il funzionamento di Hyper-V, le architetture di virtualizzazione in Alta Affidabilità, le problematiche di VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) e le tecnologie di remotizzazione di Sessioni e Applicazioni, dai Remote Desktop Service all'Application Virtualization.

    Il format

    Questa seconda edizione della Virtualization Conference si svolge con una formula innovativa per una formazione ancora più approfondita! Ha un'impostazione pratica basata principalmente su casi concreti, comuni, di grande interesse, illustrati con ampio utilizzo di demo.

    Accanto alle tradizionali sessioni standard da un'ora, sono previste due differenti tipologie della durata di mezz'ora:

    • le how-to, interamente basate su demo che affrontano situazioni pratiche con cui ci si deve confrontare nell'applicazione delle tecnologie di virtualizzazione;
    • le drill-down, dedicate a esplorare in modo specifico un singolo argomento, sempre con ampio uso di demo e riferimenti concreti.

    Oltre 30 sessioni, organizzate su due track parallele, consentono a tutti di strutturare un percorso ottimale adeguato alle proprie esigenze lavorative.

    Scopri tutte le sessioni

    Contenuti e approfondimenti per tutti

    La Virtualization Conference è indicata sia per chi vuole conoscere le tecnologie di virtualizzazione server di Microsoft Hyper-V, sia per chi usa VMware o Citrix e vuole apprendere le potenzialità delle tecnologie di virtualizzazione Desktop di Windows Server 2008 R2 per implementare infrastrutture VDI, di Application Virtualization o di Remote Session Virtualization.

    La conferenza ha un approccio pragmatico. Le sessioni di pianificazione, disegno e progettazione sono adatte agli IT Manager o a chi deve decidere l'architettura dei sistemi e ottimizzare l'uso delle varie tecnologie. Le sessioni più pratiche, basate sull'esperienza sul campo degli speaker, sono adatte ai sistemisti che tutti i giorni si trovano ad affrontare gli aspetti tecnici, a far funzionare e a mantenere quanto implementato.

    Gli speaker

    Gli speaker sono consulenti di grande esperienza in ambito Microsoft, dotati sia di competenza pratica quotidiana con le tecnologie, sia di conoscenza “in anteprima” sulle innovazioni dei nuovi prodotti. Inoltre, cosa non comune tra i tecnici, possiedono una capacità di insegnare e trasferire la loro esperienza maturata in anni di conferenze, seminari e training tecnici.
    Molti speaker sono anche certificati Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) e/o riconosciuti Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

    Conosci tutti gli speaker

    Server Memory Forum

    November 1 & 2, 2011 • Santa Clara, CA, USA

    It’s no secret that today’s data centers are contending with dramatic changes brought about by an unprecedented rise in mobile device usage and cloud computing, and that memory plays a critical role in server power management and other essential functionality. But what will the future hold? Join us for JEDEC’s Server Memory Forum where experts from industry leaders, including major OEMs, will explore their vision of the future for server memory. Learn about different types of memory that may be used in next-generation servers at the component and the module level, as well as can't miss updates on upcoming standards.

    Agenda and details:

    View Day 1 program and speakers
    View Day 2 program and speakers
    View event details

    Selected topics include:

    ·        Server memory roadmaps

    ·        Green memory technology - addressing the IT power drain

    ·        Energy efficiency for large datacenters

    ·        Profit through testing

    ·        DDR4 power features for servers

    ·        In-depth DRAM tutorial on day 2

    ·        And much more!

    Why attend:

    Keeping up to speed on the latest developments and trends can be both expensive and time-consuming. JEDEC’s Server Memory Forum offers a cost-effective professional development opportunity in a concise, focused format to make the most of your budget and time.

    Who should attend:

    Server, storage and system hardware and software developers, product and solution architects, product managers, quality assurance engineers, product line CTOs, product customer support engineers and IT professionals.

    Conference on the Blauer Engel label for efficient data centers

    October 25 2011, Bremen, Germany

    The conference will be dealing with the criteria for energy-efficient data centers aiming to receive the Blauer Engel eco-label. The following topics will be treated: what advantages result from the certification, how does the certification process work, what are the required criteria and are there funding possilities. These issues will be backed by a best-practise example.

    Participation fee is 249 € plus tax. Conference materials as well as drinks and snacks are included.

    Please register until October 21 by sending this form to Emilie Semmling:
    emilie.semmling@erecon.de or Fax 0421- 69 49 94 57. The number of participants is limited to 20.

    Here you can download the conference agenda (in German).

    7th Symposium on IT Procurement 2011

    September 14 -15, Berlin, Bundespresseamt

    Germany's largest conference on IT procurement for the public administration takes place on September 14 to 15 at the Federal Press Office (Bundespresseamt) in Berlin. The symposium will focus on subjects like corruption prevention in procurement procedures, promising strategies and approaches for the negotiation process, green IT, particularities of cloud computing in terms of procurement and contracting regulations and others.

    Further information (source):

    Achats publics de datacentres efficaces du point de vue énergétique

    1 Septembre 2011, 9h - 15h

    Madame, Monsieur,

    BIO Intelligence Service et l’INRIA (Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique) ont le plaisir de vous inviter à un groupe de travail sur les achats publics concernant les datacentres, dans le cadre du projet européen PrimeEnergyIT (www.efficient-datacenter.org). Il se déroulera le Jeudi 1 septembre 2011 de 9h à 15h, à l’Entrepôt, 7, rue Francis de Pressensé, 75014 Paris. Cet événement initialement prévu le 16 Juin 2011, a été reporté à septembre pour permettre à un plus grand nombre de participants d’y assister.

    L’objectif de cette session interactive sera d’échanger sur les pratiques courantes et les critères à prendre en compte en termes d’achats publics éco-responsables des datacentres (c’est-à-dire efficaces du point de vue énergétique) afin de réduire les coûts opérationnels et les émissions de CO2. Vous serez également informé du travail de l’initiative PrimeEnergyIT sur cette thématique. PrimeEnergyIT encourage le développement du marché vers des équipements informatiques plus efficaces d’un point de vue énergétique. L’initiative fait la promotion du processus d’achats responsables et du bon usage des équipements informatiques et infrastructures utilisés dans les datacentres, en particulier les serveurs, les équipements de stockage, les équipements réseaux et les systèmes de refroidissement.

    Cette session s’adressera en particulier aux acheteurs publics, aux plateformes d’achats ainsi qu’aux experts en achats de datacentres et aux fabricants et opérateurs de datacentres fournissant des solutions matérielles appropriées.

    Vous trouverez en pièce jointe le programme détaillé de l’évènement qui aura lieu intégralement en français. La participation est gratuite.

    Dans le cas où vous souhaiteriez assister à cette journée, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir remplir en ligne le formulaire d'inscription avant le 10 août 2011.

    N’hésitez pas à faire suivre cette invitation à toute personne qui pourrait être intéressée par l’évènement.

    Nous restons à votre disposition pour tout renseignement complémentaire concernant cet évènement, ou le projet PrimeEnergyIT de manière plus générale.


    Thibault Faninger, au nom de l’équipe projet PrimeEnergyIT




    7, rue Francis de Pressensé

    75014 Paris


    28th June 2011, Vienna

    Workshop: New tools and criteria for the energy and cost-efficient procurement in data centers and server rooms

    Workshop programme


    June 16th, Brussels

    The aim is to forge consensus among industry stakeholders on the adoption of a common methodological framework for capturing the energy intensity and carbon emissions of ICT.

    The workshop will take stock from the progress made under the main existing methodology-development initiatives in Europe and globally (international standardisation organizations, ICT4EE Forum, privately-led initiatives, third-countries...).

    The workshop will explore piloting opportunities offered by the Commission to road-test the methodologies fulfilling the criteria set in the Commission Recommendation C(2009) 7604, and Key Action 12 of the Digital Agenda.

    Please use the following Link to register for the workshop: Link

    To see the workshop programme, please click on the following link: Programme

    Advanced School on ICT for Future Energy Systems

    Summer School Event

    July 25 – 29, 2011University of Trento
                 DISI – Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science
                         Via Sommarive, 14 I-38123 Povo, Trento, Italy

    Public administrations, enterprises and citizens are increasingly going
    green and are looking to the information technology as the way to reduce
    energy consumption and to become more environmentally responsible in all
    human activities. In particular reducing buildings overall energy
    consumption, providing smarter power grids and optimizing industrial
    processes are certainly some of the major efforts. Distributed and
    pervasive sensing, monitoring and control will play a key role in
    achieving this goal and will pose novel research challenges in the
    development of distributed applications that must integrate aspects
    related to generation, storage, distribution and efficient use of energy

    The goals of the school are to:

    • Survey the most relevant research domains;
    • Present various perspectives and underlying technologies;
    • Identify the most important challenges and research themes;
    • Interact with distinguished scholars and establish contacts that may

    lead to research collaborations in the future.

    Lecturers (to be completed)

    • Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelly (University of California, Berkeley)
    • Luca Benini (University of Bologna)
    • Antonello Monti, Andrea Benigni (E.ON Energy Research Center, RWTH
    • Aachen University)
    • Fabrizio Pilo (University of Cagliari)
    • David Atienza Alonso (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL)
    • Dario Petri (University of Trento), Gian Mario Maggio (CREATE-NET)
    • Maher Kayal (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL)



    Prospective participants should apply online submitting a scientific CV
    with research interests, before June 5th, 2011 at the dedicated web page

    If we receive more than 30 applications, participants will be selected
    based on their work area and background, geographic distribution, and
    date of application.

    Acceptance notifications will be sent by June 8th, 2011.

    The registration fee of EUR 520 (VAT incl.) includes accommodation,
    breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, a social event and all study materials.

    Registration to the course must be done, after acceptance notifications
    and before June 29, 2011. (a web page for registration and payment will
    be available on-line)


    Davide Brunelli (University of Trento, Italy)
    Roberto Passerone (University of Trento, Italy)
    For any further information, please visit the web site or write an email to:

    Davide Brunelli, PhD: davide.brunelli@disi.unitn.it
    DISI - University of Trento
    Via Sommarive, 14  I-38123 POVO - Italy
    Ph: +39 0461 2852219

    Sponsored by the ArtistDesign Network of Excellence: Website

    For venue and local information: Website

    4th April 2011, Rome

    Workshop: E-procurement and energy efficient datacenters

    Organizers: eERG, Energy department - Politecnico di Milano and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability in co-operation with CONSIP

    At this interactive one-day event for exchange on common practise regarding
    Green Public Procurement (GPP) of energy efficient datacenters, participants
    will become informed on what to take into account when procuring IT services
    for small to medium-sized datacenters to make their contribution to reducing
    energy costs and CO2 emissions.

    The workshop is split into a morning session in English and an afternoon
    session in Italian.The programme features key note speakers, an exciting
    market place format and the development of an Italian steering group on
    procurement of energy efficient datacenters.

    Registration is free of charge, but early registration is recommended as places
    are limited. Please use the registration form (below) and send it back to ICLEI
    (franziska.singer@iclei.org, fax: 0049 761 368 9249)no later than Monday 28
    March, 2011.


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